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Johan F Karlsson & Parsa Kamehkhosh:

Tervetuloa avajaisiin pe 06.01.2023 klo 18-20!

The exhibition PresenceTimeBody explores presence as a state of mind and catalyst for contemplative thinking, artistic knowledge and experience in relation to the dichotomy of Thingness and No-thingness.
In this exhibition, Parsa Kamehkhosh focuses on Thingness, on physical and tangible substances/objects one can interact with as witnesses of the metaphysical. Johan F Karlsson explores relationships between the ephemeral as well as the durational and concepts of No-thingness, for instance forces acting upon bodies/objects, such as gravity, time and light.
The exhibition shows video-performances that bring up parallels between physical acts in ‘real’ time and space and the reproduction of these acts in a time-based, two-dimensional medium, thus exploring presence within different spatiotemporality.
Since in video-performance the camera transforms time, space and body as property to the image, the potentials of both the momentary and the durational are addressed in attempts to make the absent present.

Artist Statements:
Johan F Karlsson
The artistic practice of Johan F Karlsson (b. 1984) is originally rooted in photography and encompasses sculpture, video and installations. He often works site-specific, not only in regards to spatial but also spatio-temporal aspects, e.g. to light circumstances and their influence on human cognition of space – and therewith in a broader sense on the body’s ability to gain
knowledge within its presence of the surrounding. Furthermore, his aim is to investigate methods for reduction and how this can be achieved in an artistic context and thinking, especially in terms of material, ephemeral, or ‘intangible’ components. It often takes the form of video performances that include subtle, meditative acts or movements that show the seemingly insignificant, but strives to create room for thought.

Parsa Kamehkhosh
In his Artistic practice, Parsa Kamehkhosh (b. 1985) explores the matter of “being in the world” in the context of the interaction between daily life and the experience of life on the existential level. His work often employs objects and materials_that manifest contemporary human
everyday aesthetics_and various religious narratives that define the position of humans in relation to the universe and beyond. His works maneuver on the borders of the inner and external world, natural and supernatural, seen and unseen.